Management Board

Barak Bar-Hen, Chief Executive Officer

Barak Bar-Hen

Barak Bar-Hen was appointed to the Management Board of TLG IMMOBILIEN AG as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in June 2019. Most recently, Barak Bar-Hen advised European real estate groups with respect to their operations in Germany and the Netherlands with focus on developing their value add properties. Prior to that, he was in various mangement positions with Elad Group in the USA and Europe. Since 2008 he was appointed as CEO of Elad Europe. He has many years of experience in the purchase, development and operation of residential and commercial value add properties. Barak Bar-Hen studied law.

Barak Bar-Hen is appointed as member and Chairman of the Management Board up to June 2023.

Jürgen Overath, Chief Operating Officer

Jürgen Overath

Jürgen Overath was appointed to the Management Board of TLG IMMOBILIEN AG as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in September 2018. He has worked in the real estate sector for over 25 years and focuses on commercial properties. Before moving to TLG IMMOBILIEN, Jürgen Overath was the managing director for Germany of SSN Development, a subsidiary of the Swiss SSN Group which specialises in project development. Previously, he spent a number of years on the management board of DO Deutsche Office and was Chief Operating Officer of DIC Asset AG. Jürgen Overath holds a master’s degree in business administration.

Jürgen Overath is appointed as member of the Management Board up to December 2021.