Legal counsel for whistle-blowers who report violations of laws and rules

TLG IMMOBILIEN AG and the other companies of the TLG IMMOBILIEN Group are strongly opposed to all forms of corruption, fraud, other manifestations of white-collar crime and all forms of statutory violation, and infringements will be punished in accordance with the principle of zero tolerance. The appointment of external legal counsel is an element of the compliance management system through which TLG IMMOBILIEN AG aims to avoid, identify and sanction violations of the law in the context of the company.

The whistle-blower system of TLG IMMOBILIEN AG enables you to notify us of severe violations of the law and/or infringements of compliance regulations. These include, for example, corruption-related offences, violations of competition and antitrust law and violations of insider trading and bookkeeping regulations. The legal counsel is not responsible for complaints concerning rental agreements. General complaints from employees or business partners are also not to be filed with the legal counsel.

As external legal counsel, the lawyers Dr Rainer Frank and Dr Wenke Brückner have been engaged to serve as points of contact for persons inside and outside of the company and receive reports of severe violations of the law and/or infringements of compliance regulations. They are duty-bound to maintain confidentiality with regard to the company and, as such, we can guarantee absolute anonymity for whistle-blowers who wish to remain anonymous, be they employees, tenants or business partners.

If you have sound information concerning severe violations of the law or if you witness rule-breaking in connection with TLG IMMOBILIEN AG, please contact the legal counsel using the contact information below:

Dr Rainer Frank
Dr Wenke Brückner
0049 30 318685-924

For more information and a guide on how to use the BKMS® system to submit reports, visit

Dr Frank and Dr Wenke Brückner are agents of TLG IMMOBILIEN AG. They are not permitted to provide a whistle-blower with legal advice that impedes the interests of TLG IMMOBILIEN AG. However, they will make a whistle-blower aware of the internal action which the company will take on the basis of the information.