Corporate news 2015

Date Description
21/12/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN lets 2,200 sqm of office space to 1&1
23/11/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN lets 8,100 sqm of space in 1alex office building to Visual Meta
18/11/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN successfully places 6,130,000 new shares, generating gross proceeds of about EUR 101.8m
17/11/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN launches capital increase by way of accelerated bookbuilding
13/11/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN continues to grow in Q3 2015 as business performs favourably (news with additional features)
13/11/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN invests EUR 84.6m in acquisition of an office property portfolio comprising eight properties
23/09/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN lets 1,000 sqm of office space in acquired property on Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee
15/09/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN again records heightened investor interest in eastern Germany
27/08/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN significantly increases revenue and earnings in H1 2015
02/07/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN lets 1,200 sqm of office space in Berlin to MeinFernbus FlixBus
26/06/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN's Annual General Meeting affirms course taken by Management Board and Supervisory Board
23/06/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN acquires 'Burgwall' neighbourhood shopping centre in Wismar
01/06/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN reports successful start into financial year 2015
29/05/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN lets 1,300 square metres of office space on Berlin's Alexanderplatz
18/05/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN acquires central neighbourhood shopping centre in Rostock for EUR 28.2 million
30/04/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN exceeds corporate targets for 2014 and expects further growth in 2015
30/04/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN invests approximately EUR 85.9 million to acquire two special retail centers in Berlin area
27/04/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN concludes acquisition of an office property in Rostock for EUR 15.5 million
02/03/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN exceeds FFO forecast and further increases portfolio value, based on preliminary financial results for 2014
24/02/2015 Deutsche Börse unexpectedly admits TLG IMMOBILIEN to SDAX
04/02/2015 TLG IMMOBILIEN acquires commercial property in Dresden's city centre
27/01/2015 BARMER GEK increases the space let from TLG IMMOBILIEN in Dresden to approximately 3,400 square metres